Fake GI > Real?

okay, so i know how to do a FAKE GI dome… so whats a REAL one like? what is it? how does it work?


it is like a dome.

in the real world light comes from the sky, and is reflected off of the ground (and the likes of buildings and flora) as well as coming directly from the sun.

It’s more like a “Fake GI” dome rather than a “Fake” GI dome… if you see what I mean!

In other words the dome is something you use to do “fake GI”…

If you want real Global Illumination (well sort of real but still faked!), you need to calculate light bouncing off all the diffuse surfaces of the model, as well as light coming in from all different directions (which is what the dome approximates). For this, you need a raytracer which can do radiosity / GI - Yafray for example.

You can also get close using Blenders radiosity… from my playing with it, sometimes it works very well, sometimes not so well (depends on the complexity of the scene.

But then again, I’m not sure of the exact definitions of GI, radiosity and so on - it seems to vary enormously depending on what you read! But basically, it all means you take into account light bouncing off diffuse surfaces…


YOu make the dome, you swithc normals, you do not duplivert any

Rather you assign a small (SMALL) Emit (0.005 can go) and starts radiosolution.