Fake lights ?

I saw a tutorial on level design, this guy made a light bulb glow without a light
just a plane mesh. How would i do this. I want my lamp post i made to have a
shyne without using lights. CHEERS 8)

Not a lot to go on, but based on knowing nothing about the tutorial you watched that may have been on Blender, I would guess he was rendering in cycles and using a plane as a light. Or… It may have been added in the compositor. Or… It may have been Blender internal and he used an emission value and environmental lighting. Or…

True, i`m looking for some tutorials for lighting a game engine for a night scene… No luck so far :frowning:

I found a way to do this. So lampost or lights look like there is a bulb glowing.
If anybody wants me to do a video tutorial, let me know below and i will do it.

There can never be enough tutorials… But in the mean time can you post a image of the lamp post glowing?

Well im in process of thinking of way to make it glow *animated atm its just a 2 planes meshes... The lamp post looks light looks a bit crappy its still wip, so any advice id love…

I`ll do a tutorial how to do this, also if there is any way to better it, please add :smiley: