Fake or Foto

I saw the Fake or Foto contest that Alias was running, and thought I would see if I could stump the people on elysiun. SO, is it fake, or is it a foto?
In two days, Ill post whether its real or blended.


nice texture though.

Definitely fake… In two days I’ll post why…just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

-Why are the stars that uniform and where are the rest? (I heard there’re almost infinite…)
-Why can you see straight lines at some places around the planet’s edge?

Nice texture anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh. I will go into seclusion for an indefinite period of time and blend something so realistic you people say



dude… fake…

good textures but it doesnt look real at ALL. Biggest give away are the blender stars and the flatness of the planet.

Fake. Cameras used to photograph space have to be undersensitive becasuse it’s so bright out there. Therefore, unless the camera is is built to take pictures of stars, the stars will not even be visible in the photo. Nice blend though.

Next time you try to fool us, try using a higher vert mesh, a can see the edges.

There’s some artifacts on the texture at the top of it. Who the fudge voted photo?

the actual planet or moon is real looking but the sky is totally fake!

Dude. Do YOU think this looks real?!

sorry man. not real.

the stars gave it away. :wink:

Also because the texture looks slightly stretched.

The texture DOES look like a photo though. :wink:

Fake - unless you spend some effort on the photo (for example to do the edges and these C64-like stars) :stuck_out_tongue:

of course its fake, cause else you wouldn’t ask it.
but a very good texture!

Obviously fake. The lighting apart from anything else gives it away, it almost looks like you’ve used the Shadeless option.

And yeah, sub-D next time.

The texture looks wrong to me… Like it’s been mapped from a photo the wrong way…

And like already said, the stars are wrong, and those lines give it away a wee bit.

Plus you really need a halo around the moon… It is very bright.

I don’t think it counts to use a real photo as such a major part of the image. To call it cg it should be as much cg as possible(questionable if you can use any phototextures IMO)

as other people said, the edges are too noticeable (smoothe it more!!), and the stars are way too unrealistic. Also, the texture looks like it got mapped wrong… try rotating it 90 degrees (alternatively just rotate the picture in PS)

Guys, I think he got the point, we know it’s not real. Can we stop posting the same things over and over like this is some kind of tag-team slapfest?