Fake Particles?

ummm im making a small game, and i was wondering if theres a way to “fake” particles to make a fire for a torch, heres what i tried, but couldnt get it to work: i made a plane, textured it like a ball of fire, with alpha, addded a empty, set up the empty like this with logic bricks: always-and-add object:flame time:10 linV, Y: .10

i thought that would do it, but no…any suggestions? :-?

that should work… Is the flame plane in a non-active layer? (An un-selected layer)
if not, there is your problem.

that was it, thank you very much :smiley:

No problem. I learned from experience. BTW, if you check the consol window, it will tell what the error is.

ehhh…whats that?

When you open Blender you get 2 windows. One is the console, which is a MS-Dos window, and the other is the blender program. All errors appear in the console.


ahhhh, ok. thank you both very much for the help :smiley: