Fake Reflection Test- really fast renders!


-done with nodes, rendered in 5.95 seconds on a slow (intel celeron, <512 ram) computer. With textures it’d look pretty good…

(for explanation, I’m making a little short that includes a swamp, so I needed a way to render lotsa trees in still water efficiently, this isn’t meant to look like a real swamp, just a technical test.)

Edit: changed image, did some post-pro so It’d be viewable on dark monitors. (mines really bright, I just checked on another computer and couldn’t see very well…)


a medium-sided update:




btw, the cool texturing was an accident, D.o.G. edge detect on a clouds texture… I love gimp.

not bad, add a blur to the reflection and it will be perfect

What’s REALLY impressing me are those leaves! Right on!

thanks! the leaves are just plane, subdivided once and curved alittle, then set smooth and textured. it’s a really siple texture I made in gimp.

as to blur, I just had an idea… I’ll post it soon hopefully.
I’d like to use a scene with the water surface only, except with the trees sillouetted. then texture the surface to be kinda like it’d look (nor or disp). then render that with a white fresnel texture or something, and use it as the amount and direction of the blur. -I’m not sure exactly how this could be done but I’ll figure it out then post.