fake render to texture

Hello!! How can be made that? Looks impresive!! :o


I really hope that’s real :smiley:

Wow, I guess to fake it with renders, you would do screen copies and use them as the uv image, then add them to the logic bricks depending on where the object was?, you know change the mesh?

Naw, too time consuming… sure looked great though.

well that looks nice

so is it real?
if so how?

Looks like a really elaborate logic setup involving scene overlays, multiple cameras and six megatons of Python:eek:

I saw the original thread a while back, I can’t remember when though…

I believe it took a screenshot, and set it as the image uv-mapped to the gun. The problems I know of:
-it only works for things on screen in front of the gun (since it’s just mapping what was on the screen last frame) so no reflections or whatever.
-it’s probably really slow, because I believe it writes a new image every frame.
-if not run in full screen, it would show whatever was ont he desktop as well. Even in fullscreen, the HUD would be refracted as well.

Of course, if my original idea of the method is wrong, those cons could all be wrong too, but I think I remember seeing a refractive cube in the same thread that had the outline of Blender (all the buttons, etc.) refracted as well.

it’s still cool, regardless.

Don’t they have an example of that using a sphere with the game engine regression and demo files? I cant really remeber the name of it, but it on blender.org, the the blends. that show different things that can be done in the engine. Ya im pretty sure its there.

could be this?


In that case is really a fake. The reflection its generated by static images.

its not a fake, couple months ago there was a thread which that video was created on, i cant find it the search function wont work for me but its a script in progress.

If you join utube you can email him and ask for a link to the file. He cant post it there, as he said.

The water globe floating in the room? and also the room reflected in the water globe, they are in the regression files, or maybe posted here, I have them if someone wants them, then PM me.

that thread is : http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=98101
also look at : http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=65107

It is using the video texture player that Ashsid made…

this is perfectly working, but that it takes the actual display as texture and not “any” virtual cam …

PS: the search tools is handy… exept it seems not working well with me now (got some empty .php file that mozilla wants to open in an editor … :/)

srry for late reply - i was away from civiliation. yea thats a real thing.
i was using - “take screenshot” and “redraw screen” scripts, but Ashid’s video tex player’s framebuffer works much faster.