[Fake SSS] Does this looks like SSS?

This is a old test that I did some time ago in blender 2.37a, the goal wasn´t to fake SSS, but the results seems to be something like SSS but never working on it again.

Now after seeing in other forums some test about other fake SSS I decided to show what I`ve do, maybe you’ll find interesting :smiley:


and what do you think? is like SSS or not? the time to render each frame was about 8 seconds with internal renderer (blender of course).

It looks pretty good, what did you use?

did you map a cloud texture via ‘ref’ or ‘nor’ to ‘emit’ - ‘trans’ ?
and ramped energy?

Hmm…I could tell you if I could see the images.


It does look like SSS.
How did you do it?

I too would like to know how this was done.

Looks very good.


There is a blend posted at his blog.


unfortunately, the link is dead.

Beautiful SSS!
I can’t download the fsss.blend file.

Looks good! the the black dots are a little odd, but other than that it looks real good. Can you post the .blend again your link seems to be bad

Hello everybody

Well… I don’t know exactly how it works… because I wanted to do another things and that was the result, some kind of fake sss

The procedure is to make a dome light (with negative light), and make a material like in the example (http://salvador.mata.com.mx/Fsss3.rar) and press the render button… and if you want you can place a point light over there.

Check the file/materials/light for more info about it, I hope you can find it usable :expressionless:

Cya :smiley: