Fake UFO pictures made with Maya

The pictures:

The comments:

How’s he so sure it was done with Maya? There are a lot of other 3d programs it could have been done with.
He did a good job at faking chromatic abberation, which a lot of people seem to skip.

Probably because he does not know as much about other 3D packages as he thinks he does.

It was done with Maya’s UFO plugin v1.7.

Everyone should know that, i can’t believe that Nyrath didn’t know that.

LOL I love this quote:

   It is almost totally silent but not quite.

Totally silent but not quite?? Hmm…:smiley:

Yeah, it was made in Maya,. . .by AN ALIEN!!! :smiley:

OMG, I’m being probed, help me blenderartists, . . oh wait, I just sat on the cat. Carry on…

so, nyrath, r u Chad? If you use our WIP forum next time, we can spot those lighting errors and make it last a little longer next time.

@Alltaken: Maya’s got a UFO plugin! Sweeet. How much?

Na its open source. Made by an Ex-Blenderhead who upgraded to maya.

Downgraded you mean…

BTW: I’m sure we’ve got some people here that can do better than those images, they’re not exceptional at all.

  1. Also the model (and I believe it’s a 3D render) really looks like it was rendered with Global Illumination which is a really cool effect, and really makes the detail of the model pop and read well, but is not a real-world lighting model.
    Actually, the entire point of global illumination is to be physically accurate. I imagine this guy is confusing GI with ambient occlusion (or something similar).

(Sorry for being a terminology nazi. :-P)

Cessen, well if you want to go about it that way… hehe… I think he means “hdr lightmaps” (as a real world lighting model). GI is just a general term, and AO can be part of GI, not “another sort of GI”. GI isn’t about accurate really, it just means you’re lighting everything globally…


The Ambient Occlusion-Noise looks awfully close to Blenders own results with AO
so it could be Blender too ;o)

Pretty nifty ufo design though. The things that made it fake to me was:

  1. The materials used on the “wing” and the light quality on it was way different then
    the actual “hull” of the ship itself.

  2. The Ambient Occlusion “dirt/shadows” where too unrealistic when compared to
    the lights on the trees, way off!

  3. If they’ve made it here so far away…they’re probably already here and WAY too smart
    for us to discover, we didn’t make it to them…

Bring on the FOIL hats!

nice pictures.