Fake Video for Game Intro's

(ndnchief) #1

This was just a quick excersise to see if video would be plausible in the GameEngine. The technique is rough, as I did not have much time. I am going to refine the teqnique, and I think it will work very well for Game Intro,s.

Check it out here:

                                        The NDN

(OTO) #2

Nice, it works!!
Can you explain some more.
The exe. file is a bit “heavy” (2.35M) for a 113x75 video
It’s uncompressed video format?!


(guru202) #3


That’s good work. Great use of the timers and planes :slight_smile:

you know, DocHoliday’s 5in1 UV animation script would be perfect for you.
All you have to do is render your sequence out as still images and place them all together on one image. Like a grid. Then you can animate them using the UV animation script :smiley:

I don’t know how the sound synchronization is though. Check it out. It might decrease your work load. Adding logic can be time consuming.


(S_W) #4

Good work!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Would be great if some games of the contest would have an intro… :wink:

(saluk) #5

If I finish my game it will have an intro:) No FMV though. But it looks good NDN!

And OTO, you can’t compress textures as much as you can compress video, and this is basically one big texture.

(gorgan_almi) #6

But its just too slow. I’ve only tried it on the old machines at uni but they’re still 700MHz and it only runs at about a frame per second. This wouldn’t be a practical solution for most FMVs or intro sequences. Just imagine how slow a full screen animation would be.

Surely there must be a better way of displaying a movie file. Surely there must be something at http://www.pygame.org/ for playing avi files…

(Blender_owl) #7

nice, i was trying to do some thing similar using a VB instead of Blender.
The video would play in the VB window and when its done it luanches the game. Needs some improvments though. But iguess you found away to do it from Blender, nice.

(Pooba) #8

Cool, but realtime movies would be easier and more doable. A lot of games, like Jedi Knight 2, Grand Theft Auto 3, No One Lives Forever, Red Faction, ect., all use realtime animations. The only reason now to have a movie play is if it’s really nice (like Warcraft III). Other options can be used, like the user being able to control as normal as the movie happens (like Half-Life). But it’s still the closest thing we’re giong to get to avi things.


(xintoc) #9

How was the realtime movie done in KGB…

(gorgan_almi) #10

Pooba, theres 2 types of cut-scene animations used in games. Theres real time in-game cut scenes, and theres pre-rendered FMVs. Some games use 1 style, some use the other, and some use both. real time animations might be easier to do, but they’re limited to the display quality of the real-time engine. FMVs are pre-rendered so they allow you to use high quality art produced in the render engine as cut scenes.

But I think this method of using FMVs is really awkward and inefficient. There is a module in the pygames collection for playing mpegs, so why can’t we use that? would it not work in blender for some reason? i don’t see why not. :-?

(Pooba) #11

Acually, Blender already has a sort of movie player for animations that playes the animations you create. If one of the programmers just made an acuator that tapped that thing, then it might be pretty easy. And having all hte independant frames be different jpeg images will make the game WAY too big.


(S_W) #12

If you want a free video player, try Bink:
It handles nearly all video files, it can create a video out of single images and you can even create stand-alone .exe video players! (Though there is an info window after playing such an .exe file)

(Fred_Pyo) #13

yo S_W, wanna make a little utility that mixes bink videos and blender files?

that would be… way cool!

(S_W) #14

Do you think of a videoplayer that starts the stand-alone .exe after having finished playing the video…?

(Fred_Pyo) #15

yes… something like that…

(gorgan_almi) #16

Actually I think Pooba’s more on the right track there. Blender has a movie player so it would make sence to be able to use that in the game engine. It would require changes in the source code though, and theres no point in that till the new physics engines been added to the source. And even then I dont think theres really enough people who care about the game engine actively working on the source code. I don’t think we’re going 2 see much development there in the near future. :frowning: