Faked 3d with planes problem

I’m creating a little game game set in the middle ages and I am moddelling the models right at the moment I was trying to fake some tuft of grass which I can randomly place to add ome realism to the grass and make it not look as falt. So I took a few planes and intersected them and put a grass texture with an alpha channel on there. You know how it works. So in viewport it looks good but if I start the game some planes are infront of other do not seem to go through a middle point as in the viewport. It’s hard to describe so I’ll attach the blendfile. Many thx in advance.

grass.blend (488 KB)

You did not pack the Texture, as it seems.
But your Problem describes like you could change to »Alpha Sort« in the Material’s Alpha Blend Mode, maybe that will solve it. (Or Alpha Clip. which mihc or might not even be the better Choice depending on your visual Style.)


Oh yeah. Alpha clib did the job but it does not look as nice tho. I’m getting ungly dark edges. Is there any way to edit that. You were also talking about packing the texture. How do I do that

To pack the Image, go to Image View and click Image > Pack Image.

I don’t think the dark Edges come from the Alpha Clip Mode. While I can just guess right now, the other Blend Modes woud have dark Edges as well as they are obiously Part of the Image that you use. To avoid that, just makethe Texture fill more Space than expected – I lack the Words to explain right now, if you have ever baked a Texture and increased the »Margin« Value, then you will know what I mean. The textured Parts of your Image must be a Bit »thicker« than the Areas that visible in the Alpha Channel.