Fakeing Light maps (land) in blender gamengine

(Sutabi-old) #1

And no itd not using vertex coloring or alpha shadows, basicly just rendered only the sadhows of the objects.


With in this I used a simple way of making a Point (style) lamp to create 360 deg of shadows.

  1. Make the Camrea Ortho

  2. Have your objects that you want to give off shadows to your landscape have a new material and set the Alpha[--------------[]] to 0.000 as well as click on the button [OnlyShadow]

  3. Now add a lamp

  4. Now before you render make sure that you land or render size is proportionalized to each other.

  5. render away! then just load up the image and replace you old image with the newly rendered image to your land.

(saluk) #2

This is a great technique for non-dynamic shadows of objects, and adds a lot to the environment. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow for dynamic shadows, but this I believe, would be very hard or impossible to do in the current state of blender.

(S_W) #3

Great idea! :stuck_out_tongue: Adds a lot of detail to levels! Thanx!