Fake's BWC - Lost

Well, I got something that i feel is almost worthy of entering.
Well, here it is!!

The girl is by Rogper, who shared it http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=169042

Many thanks to Rogper.

I am sorry for not being able to render the hair, but perhaps appending did not get the particles? I slightly modified the clothing. I think the pants (now shorts) were designed to do that though.

This entry taught me a few things, most important of all was to manage my time better. I only entered it about 2 minutes ago. I hope i got it in on time. I haven’t recieved the confirmation entry yet.

I really ran out of time on this one. The cargo ships are meant to have an elaborate docking bit at the back, as well as particle engine effects.

There was meant to be an alien looking thing (I was thinking mancandy rig or squeek), but again i ran out of time.

There was meant to be a nice 3d window frame around where the black is, but time ran out one me.

It rendered in approx 10 min, with AAO, 16 OSA, and 64x64parts. Resolution is 2880x1680