faking a nice glow effect for every shader

Hi there,
I recently discovered, hat you can give the color of shaders values higher than 1. If you seperate a color in it’s individual values, multiply it and combine it again, this can be use to give them a nice fake glowing effect that works for every shader and looks sweeter then just mixing it with Emission. Sure it’s not working without any light because 0*x still is 0.

here are some other examples with glass, glossy, hair and absorption shaders:

i hope some of you might find this usefull

Nice experiment!
Thanks for sharing.

You don’t even need to separate and combine… just a RGBmix set to multiply and factor to 1, put your color in Color1 and plug a value node in Color2. :wink:

Oh it looks cool ! I guess it must output more energy than what comes in, like “add shader” does. Thanks !

AAh thats what i did… i did this by accident and then wasn’t able to reconstruct it without seperate rgb :slight_smile: thanks for pointing that out - thats even easyer.

Or type in numbers above 1 in the RGB slider on a shader - even though the sliders only slide from 0 to 1, these arent hard limits - you can go above 1 (and below 0 - which gives some interesting effects - negative light!)

Used carefully - RGB values above 1 can be used to create some interesting effects - like fluorescent colours. I used just such a technique on this material.