Faking beveled Edges in EEVEE

Hi forum.

Is there anyway to achieve bevelled edges on a mesh using nodes in EEVEE? In this example I set the bevel node in Cycles, but I need to get the same effect in EEVEE if its possible. The reason is, Ive used non destructive boolean cuts in my mesh, makes a clean boolean, but the edges are too sharp. I need them to have a bit of smoothed edges.

Thank you.

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Create a suitable UV layout and bake out the normals from Cycles and use as a normal map.

Hi Carl.

I saw this method as well baking the normals, but I was hoping that there would be at least some other kind of node set up in EEVEE which could possibly do the same type of effect as in cycles. I’d even purchase an ad-on if there was one available.

Not that I know of. I am not experienced with Eevee though.

For now and foreseeable future baked normal map is the only way.

Hey guys, here’s a great add-on I just stumbled upon for making bevelled edges in EEVEE

This just bakes Cycles Bevel shader into normal map - my previous post still stands.

Yes you are correct, but it does all of this too.

  1. Applies any modifiers you might have on your object. You can’t bake on an object with modifiers.
  2. UV unwraps your model automatically with a single button.
  3. Previews both the bevel bake AND the mask bake it uses for worn surfaces and allows changes to both settings. This preview is done isolated from the rest of the model.
  4. Bakes both maps, either to object space or normal space. You can choose the resolution of your bake in a drop-down menu.
  5. Applies “smart” default paint and metal materials to the main body and the “worn” edges. These materials allow you to adjust the worn edges amount, width, size and detail as well as add dirt, AO grime and height adjusted ground dirt.
  6. Allows you to use whatever materials you like for the base mat and the worn mat.
  7. Allows you to repeat this process over and over without having to re-bake.
  8. Automatically saves both maps and materials with your file.
  9. Full documentation and support.
  10. Does this all in an easy to use interface with step-by-step guidance.
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