Faking Caustics

Just a little test.
EDIT: Using Blender Internal to fake caustics. Could probably be changed a bit to look more realistic.

Hey, not bad, how’d you do it?

Here is the blend. It uses 2 UV spheres and some strategically placed lights. This should work with 2.4/2.5. If not, you’ll have to grab an SVN build. The sphere could be changed (IOR) to look more realistic for sure and the light needs to be moved up a little bit.

a bubble! =) really cool !

try yafray
see the bottom of this page for caustics

Oh this was just a test to see how difficult it would be to achieve a caustic effect internally. It’s always fun playing with things like this.

Try texturing the lamp with a cloud texture for an even better effect. Not bad though.

oh right…sory i thought you where just trying to make caustics.

try a noise texture on the lamp as blenditail suggested but make the lamp only effect the sphere rather than the floor as well.:smiley:

Very nice trick… but somehow i doubt it wont work too well on more complex shaped glass objects.