Faking radiosity /cornell box

Just playing with some different things tonight in blender…I’ve always wanted to make a cornell box…and fake radiosity, so I decided to do both. Not perfect but I certainly think it looks better…Any idea’s why there are wierd ‘lights’ on the back wall…it appears like an error with AAO…but no ao is on…what’s the problem there?

Here’s a render with just the light at the top; render time - 2 min:

Faked radiosity; render time - 7min, 30sec:

This was all done with area lamps in about half hour/45 minutes.

.Blend for any that care: cornelbox1.blend (279 KB)

Here’s another render…actually radiosity…rendered in vray for 5 minutes (open attachement to get rid of the artifacts):

Here’s a rerender so you can better compare vray radiosity w/ blender faked radiosity render time - 5 min:

No replies? :frowning:
Well anyway I did some more test, its intresting how some extra lamps can make something look a lot more realistic, the only problems is errors in the mesh lighting, again any ideas how to fix that?..and if you don’t use AO sometimes it can even render faster depending on samples.
Area lamps, no AO, Render time - 9 minutes:

AO, no area lamps, Render Time - Minutes:

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Hey nice work… I’m playing with radiosity also but I have a problem. Radiosity WONT cast shadows like the sphere you’ve made. Why not?! It only casst illumination, and whatever I try it won’t “cast” shadows… What’s wrong?

I really dont know…you may have to have trashad selected under shaders…Ive never really used the internal radiosity so sorry I can help you.

@killer cop: Radiosity in Blender doesn’t technically cast shadows(depending on the method you use). If you use a sky dome for instance, you’re getting even lighting from all around. If your radiosity renders are too bright, theres a good chance it has to do with your settings.

very intersting .a scene file would be better

If you want to fake things… for render speed… you should try out the spotlight tricks. You can do surprisingly much stuff with just spotlights.

I’ve never really thought about using spots…I should look into that.

there’s an old trick of dupliverting a spot onto a half ico sphere, which gives a kind of soft ambient type lighting. similar to radio.

yes, I was doing this with a cornel box though :slight_smile: