Faking Volumetric Clouds in Blender

Hello folks!

I was looking for an acceptable way to do clouds or dense smoke, and after experimenting for a while, I have developed a technique that obtains a good realistic level.

Here is the result. I used the Gimp for color correction, lens flare and a bit of glow for the sun. I hope you like it.

Greetings :slight_smile:


That looks good, but how’d you pulled it off?


How I pulled the clouds you mean? Sorry, I don’t understand your question.

he means what was your technique?


It basically consists of three parts:

1- A particle system using a sphere/icosphere.
2- A material with SSS to simulate cloud light dispersion.
3- Composite Nodes to create the clouds disturb.

The details can’t be explained here, but I have made a document describing the technique implementation:

I will be very happy to know your results/ideas/critics.

nice, do they move?



The technique have 3 main steps:

1- A particle system to create the clouds.
2- A material with Subsurface Scattering to simulate clouds light dispersion.
3- A Composite Nodes setting to make the turbulence.

The details can’t be explained here due it’s extencion.

I prepared a document explaining the stuff, but the posting with the document link is waiting for the moderators permission.


Yeah sure, and looks cool

hey, image looks great
can you post a blend file, pleaseeeeeeeeeee