Faking water reflections.

I made a .blend with fake water reflections. Push downarrow to go underwater. I developed it for vertigo, but i want to free it.

Niiiiiice. It’s cool! I wish I knew python like that!

Nice work Pepius :wink:

nice done pepius,

if you’d make a huge world with reflection, it would get slow… but it’s a nice trick and may become very useful… shadows are possible to fake, but the hardest would be bump-mapping and maybe even impossible… maybe in future blender will support particle system, pixel shaders, bump-mapping and other cool stuff…

yeah lets hope that :slight_smile: , you know crystal space (i think taht was the name of it) that is something almost like beldner, with bump mapping, and stuff, i dont knoew if it is free or not lol :wink:

The link does not work.

:frowning: also for me…
Could you give us another try?

Link works for me, copy&paste it or right click and “save target as.”

Great job Pepius!

or disable refferer sending (can be done in opera and mozilla, not IE)

works for me, opera even opened it in the blender plugin (should have chosen to save it, but that’s okay)

u use the same way i did for mirros…i aint stund cause i done that ages go

If you have constructive feedback by all means post it here, but comments like this are meaningless and pointless.

I know this steps. But the link does not work.

Mozilla, Netscape, Konqueror, anywhere.


The link works perfectly for me (using Firefox). I’ve put up a mirror for those who can’t download it for some reason:


I have firefox too…

This way is so simply but it can be useful for little games.
Thanx for the mirror andy :wink:

Hey Pepius, I didn’t try yet, but would this also work if you had movement for the cube instead of that up and down motion?

Jason Lin

Indeed it would, since the script basically just mirrors the position of the object above the water.

The script may need modification to also get and set the orientation of the object if you wanted other movement. This will allow for objects which are not parallel to the axes to be moved around and still mirrored correctly.

half life opposing force used this method for reflections in some levels

Cool! I may use this in my upcoming FPS minigame… :smiley: