Falbala & ...

The big fat guy comes from my previous thread Obelix :slight_smile:)

I picked up on some suggestions from that thread and I have made an attempt to Falbala and Idefix, but it’s not easy to find the right style for a half-cartoon-half-real subject as I intended.

Let me know what you think about.


yippie, there is idefix!! his head is different though, the body looks awesome :slight_smile: ah, and falballa, she is great. pose and expression fit her perfectly. hair is wonderful. i think, i only would add a few folds to her dress, like a few wrinkles where the knee bends, and where her hip bends. just a few, not disturb the cartoony. … haha, and on second look i see this wonderful cloud :slight_smile: :slight_smile: well done paolo!

Thanks doris,
the head of Idefix always changes , on every reference it is different and I didn’t understand it enough for sculpting, so I did it freely, maybe it lacks some tufts.

As for the dress, you are right.

The heart cloud… in the comic it would be red, and solid, but here it was not fitting.


I’m liking the thatch on the house, Idefix’s hair looks pretty good to.

Only gripe is that the road looks like its made of concrete or something, I’m fairly sure they didn’t have that in Gaul :smiley:

Stupid and well done.
Looks very nice to me :smiley:

glad you like, also the roof is by particle hair, very easy actually.
You’re right about the road, I didn’t want to make it too realistic, and I didn’t care it enough.

thank you, even if I don’t understand who/what is stupid, LOL


sorry man im not sure if the posture of Idefix and the Happines face of Obelix are intentionally, Im thinking is accidental, but I can stop to laught a lot when I see your image, you make me the day, thanks very much! haahahaha

they are intentional for sure, I’m not certain to understand, may be that your interpretation is different from my intent, who can say…

anyway thank you, your comments made me very happy!


don´t worry, I read my comment and is very bad write.

well the reason I think is funny is:

Idefix put accidentally his behind on the stomach of obelix
next obelix has a happy reaction
and finally appear a smoke heart of happines


LOL very funny concept

I don’t know what there from but I like’em! Nice modeling. Only thing I say is maybe the colors are a little “dry” Some more saturation would help. Perhaps that is what you were going for though…

Your attempt to make those characters part cartoon and part real worked out really well. Nice work.

Idefix is the dog, she is Falbala, that’s why I was perplexed, but I’m very glad that you got exactly my intention in the image, thank you very much for your comments!!

thank you!!

I have to agree with your criticism, all but Obelix’ skin is ‘dry’, damn it, you are right, and it was not intentional!
Don’t you know the Asterix & Obelix comics?
Thank you for your compliments!

Marc Clint Dion,
Thank you, I’m not totally satisfied with the result, at first I made Obelix as a single ‘portrait’, then I have tried to make Falbala, but it’s not easy to match her from the comics and at the same time make her more ‘real’.


Image link test (I’ll likely delete this post).