Falchion model criticism please.

I modeled this falchion based off this

and I was wondering if I could get some criticism on the model itself and my work flow.

First, here is the model:

I started off modeling the blade. After that was done, I created a new object and made the guard, and then again with the handle. I then used a Boolean to merge the three pieces together and cleaned up the merge areas, making it as neat as I could.

The areas I’m especially concerned about are the merged parts (you’ll easily be able to tell where those are) and the tip off the blade where it begins a slight curve. I would like honest criticism that more or less tears this model down.

Could you post a screen shot.

very nice work my friend :wink:

I cant make that sword XP

I notice the sword takes up 2112 tris to shape so well… anyway it is a great piece of work! Looking forward for more rendering relating settings.

Ok, here’s a slightly updated model, with decreased poly count around the end of the blade.

Question: When this is textured and put into a game engine, will all that ugly smoothing near the end of the blade and on the guard still show? How would a game engine handle that?

And could a mod please move this thread into the Work in Progress forum?

Does anyone have a link to a really in depth video tutorial for UV Mapping?