Falcon Fighter - 30min modelling

Hi people

I’m sure everyone is tired of fastly modelling thingi…but I couldn’t keep that for myself since it’s something different…again…from what I usually do. Look at it and tell me what you think


I couldn’t sleep…so I decided to blend that at about 1am…

and it’s been made in about 30min, while talking to 2-3persons on msn…so eh don,t be too rude with me :stuck_out_tongue: lol

I take it you didnt model an engine so that is why it is shadows :wink:

who are you, and what did you do to X-Warrior?


Nice :smiley: Could work on the background though, lol.

De design looks good, you should only do something about the nose. It looks very bad. Maybe you could make cockpit.

wow!!! very good 30 minutes did u say shoot its good.

Hey give back X-Wariors account, he has been talking to me on MSN and said that some imposter has stolen his login here.

this is not funny, you imposter. where is our old fan of cubes that we once knew (was his name also once cubefan, i think x-warrior should have been called cubefan LOL)

have a good one.

its good work BTW :wink:


LOL, it’s so interesting reading people’s reactions to a subsurfing X-WARRIOR :smiley:

I think it looks great, especially for the time, and I think you are to be commended for trying new things and for growing as a modeler/artist. While I probably tend to work more with subsurfing than not, some of more my recent models (as you know and others here do not ;)) do not use any subsurfing, and attaining good results under those circumstances – as you always manage to do – can be very challenging and educational.

I think you should seriously consider entering some CGtalk speed modeling sessions. The current theme is “high tech objects,” so, subsurf or not, X-WARRIOR seems an excellent candidate for that :slight_smile: The sms thread is under the Modeling thread off the main CGtalk forum page if you’re interested.

BTW, YOU’VE GOT MAIL :smiley: Two days already :stuck_out_tongue: Let me know what you think about the latest youknowwhat… :wink:


Come now, I’ve seen some of the best renders on this forum under your name. You can do better than this!

the question isn’t if I can do better than this…the question is if I can achieve to make a masterpiece at 1am, in less than 30min, while talking with people on msn and trying to figure out out to make things look cool with subsurf (remember I don’t often use it!)… hehe but yea I guess it’s not the best thing I ever did :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, tx everyone for the comments :slight_smile:

Basse: %| he’ll be back soon enough :wink:

X… can’t see the picures.


hmm it should be up again right now…well I can see it and I can login in my webspace…probably the server was down for a moment :S

Not too bad for 30 minutes, I like the design.

Good job :smiley:


Reminds me of the ship in Skyroads, except that it had 2 big engines on wings.

Neat design, I really like it, even more than your F1 entry, actually.


Reminds me of the tv-series firebird… or was it freebirds… you know … the one with the dolls… uh…what’s the damn name … :x :x :-?



The model is nice, but the render’s too grainy.