fall with much force

hi,sory for my bad english :(,i want to know which is the best way to make an object falling with great force? it’s for a game I’m doing. It’s like super mario 64,An example would be very grateful :slight_smile:


Set the gravity to a higher value, the max of 25 should suffice if you’re using a proper scale (in Blender units)

i more force to the fall of mario,the 25 gravity no is enough

You mean like falling extra fast to pound the ground?

Just add a motion actuator with a downward force, then the gravity not being enough won’t be an issue because you can then have the downward force at a much higher speed.

I think you mix force with speed. Remember that 1 Blender Unit is equal to 1 meter. So you might want to scale your objects to fit this.

fixed!,i create a script to the gravity:


Now Mario fall with much force

Thanks all