“With every end is a new beginning.”

Inspired by one of the images shown to me by a friend and by the movie ‘500 Days of Summer’.

This was originally a test and exercise with particles, shading, and texturing; but I decided to share it as well, to those who might take interest in the value of the piece.

Made with: Blender 2.62
Rendered with: Cycles
Music: Ascension loop by Jonathan Geer
Textures from: www.cgtextures.com and www.openfootage.net

Wow. amazing… fantastic! :smiley:

I’ve always liked fall colors. Very pretty and had to take some time to render out.

Good job :slight_smile:

Beautiful and pleasing, inspire me to make something…

Thanks. :slight_smile: -Reyn

Pretty nice. Although it’s not 100% realistic, it is effective anyway.