Falldown Forever

(saluk) #1

Not to overshadow my other release of the day, but here is a stupid game that took me a bit longer to make than it should have (started yesterday!). Just use the arrowkeys to manipulate your ball, dont let it get to the top of the screen or your dead. If anyone can last longer than a few minutes I’ll be impressed :slight_smile: I may add more levels to it later if I get bored with everything else, but it doesn’t need much more - as you play it gets faster and faster, and there is no real end to it. Have fun.

Inspired by a TI calculator game.

Just seeing if I can make a stupid game, but I think pooba is still the master at making stupid games :slight_smile:

FallDown Forever!

(gargola) #2

Saluk: it marked 140.098097 when i got bored and sent it to the recycle bin… he he he! :wink: :smiley:

(saluk) #3


How dare you diss my awesome game. Maybe your computer is too slow to handle it? Hmm??

I’ll have to give you the super hard version I guess. Be afraid. Be very afraid…

(gargola) #4

he he he!LOL :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(saluk) #5

Wait, I just realized something. You might have to have python installed for it to work. Heh, heh, heh. Now I feel really stupid. Did you see all the random blocks that you have to navigate to fall through, or was it just a dumb ball moving around with a dumb black background - i.e, no blocks?

(saluk) #6

Yep, it definately required python to be installed. Sorry about that:):):slight_smile:

Anyway, I fixed it up to use the built in random function, and it works great now without python. So download it again and NOW we’ll see how good you are at it:) The download link is the same.

(S_W) #7

It would be cool if the blocks could change their color randomly…

(gargola) #8

?? but,i got python installed… :-?

(Pooba) #9

Wait, this makes absolutely no sense at all, i start right at the top, and then .1 seconds later it says YOU LOSE. Did you screw something up when you used a random acuator instead of python or something? Or is my computer screwed?


(Pooba) #10

Also, is the ball supposed to go up all the time? That’s what it seems to do with me :frowning:


(saluk) #11

??? I don’t know why it isn’t working for you pooba. The ball isn’t supposed to go up, it’s supposed to go down. I fixed it so that it didn’t need python to work (I uninstalled python on my computer, so I know it’s not that). I have no idea why it’s not working on everyone’s computers, but it seemed to work on S_W’s. If anyone else can recreate pooba’s problem that would help me greatly.

Grr, game development can be annoying sometimes.

(gargola) #12

Tell me about it!!! but then you keep looking and messing and you get what you want…go look at my Peeto game now,it looks much better! :smiley:

Ps: i’ll try your game again later. :smiley:

(gargola) #13

Saluk: Pooba is right…it goes up instead of down.it kills you before you can even move. :-?

(Yamyam) #14

me too. This works fine at only first play… :frowning:

(Pooba) #15

Hmm, it seems that you make the top go down, the camera is parented to the plane (the one you die from) and the plane is with a motion acuator that makes it go down. The only thing is htat when i set delect the links to that it doesnt add the bottom planes and you land suddenly on some invisible plane. Needs some serious revision man!


(saluk) #16

There is an invisible plane below you to stop the ball from falling too fast (I want to keep the death plane a constant fear). What irks me is it works completely fine on my computer, I even totally wiped out all of python to make sure. But I DID have a problem where you hit the top right away a while back. Maybe it creeped back in there somehow. Try moving the ball so it starts out resting on the buttom part of that invisible cube instead of up near the top and see if it’s possible to do. I may have to adjust the speed for you guys, it sounds like the top plane just moves down a lot faster on your comps than on mine.

(bg3D) #17


(S_W) #18

I don’t know…, but it works perfectly on mine (but I have also python installed…)

(Pooba) #19

i moved the guy to to bottom of the invisible cube. It kinda works, but at the beginning the plane moves down, then back up. After that it’s easy, i got to 3 minutes before i got bored. :smiley:

(saluk) #20

It sure seems like the ball is flying up at the start for some reason. I’m glad it finally worked for you, but it sounds like it’s too easy. The speed needs to increase faster, or start faster, but it’s pretty hard on my machine already. I need to test it somewhere else to figure it all out.