Fallen Art - A must see short imho!

Fallen Art

An excellent short! Not sure how legit this site is… so here is the official site.

This is probably the best, most original, and twisted short I have ever seen!

Very twisted. But man, very cool too. An original idea to say the least.


What a technical marvel… the animation and rendering quality is superb. I love the “Rube Goldberg”-ness of the machinery, too.

And wow… is that not both sick and twisted? My two favorite elements of a film… :wink:

Seriously, I love the razor-thin balance between humor and poignancy the animator has achieved here. Really an amazing bit of work, this.

i think it has a deeper meaning,not just beautiful very thought provoking as well.

Very, very very nice!

Pretty cool. Messed up, but cool.

Incredible, from idea to realisation.


great animations and models.
Also the story, a bit scary but just great!!

lol, the animation was nice! but the story wasnt the best imo.

wow, perfect.

they have all the understanding of animation, including Stop motion concepts. well done by them.

how many of them were there, and how long did it take them?


I guess I like to read press releases Alltaken…

“Right from the start, the film has been divided into 6 sequences called acts, which in turns were made up of 75 shots. Each one of the shots received a catalog and a number. That is a huge amount of data, but special naming convention made the work easier especially towards the end of the production when minor corrections were required. The film weights at around 300 gigabytes, and took approximately 6 weeks to render. It took around a year and a half from basic screenplay drawings to the final product. The actual work took about 8 months.”

…and for how many people? Well you can count them on the credits page :wink:

That was wicked!