Fallen Heroes

i made these for a nintendo wii commercial here in Iceland, it´s a little tribute to our fallen heroes but then they get blown up.:evilgrin:


Very nice, five stars

cool .)

i had SEGA when i was a child .)

i had an Atari (quite old console), how i wished i had a Sega :smiley:
great work dannybear!!

heh, damn, those NES & Sega Mega Drive images bring back memories! :slight_smile: nice renders!

Superb texturing, I especially like the NES and Atari Pong. Segas buttons look a bit missplaced, not as good quality as the rest of the console.

5 starred. Love it! :smiley:

The Nintendeo makes me say,
“Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Start”
5 stars my man,
I hope they paid you well for this

thanks guys, it´s funny how these old consoles can give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside, a lot of good memories i guess. I actually had a Redstone when i was a kid it was just like the NES but it could play PAL and NTSC games so it was totally badass:yes:

I still have the NES 8bit somewhere… dunno if it works though.

Can you elaborate on your render setup? It looks great!

O my good one NES and MEGA DRIVE 2…Excellent!
My dream lol
Great work 5 stars for me :smiley:

Oh my, the memories do hurt from a time when everything was awsome and i didn’t complain so much.

used to have an atari before ong time , oh memories …
wonderfull work

Good Luck :slight_smile: .