(JoeW) #21

In regards to supporting edges, they are less necessary now that we have 2.8 and the fantastic Weighted Normals modifier (standard - included in Blender). Blender finally has normals controls that are on-par with Maya - a VERY welcome update.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #22

You’re #featured! :+1:

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(Egan T Guenthers) #23

wow… stunning work… impressive,
how do you made the fog?

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(WillBellJr) #24

I really enjoyed the piece - PROPS!


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(Bohdan Lvov) #25

absolutely bloody incredible!

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(cekuhnen) #26

facepalm this was never clear to e while it should have !!!

(betalars) #27

the supporting Edges thing?

(cekuhnen) #28

Yes - so embarrassing …

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(betalars) #29

Uhhhhh … very nice! Thank you!

(cekuhnen) #30

I hoep this applies to CAD imports too an area where Blender was bad really abd

(betalars) #31

Don’t worrry. I very frequently also have these … “oh … why have I not known this earlier?”-moments.

3D is complex amd messy and it’s okay to not know things.

(Daniel Aubert) #32

Thanks, Egan!
It is a large cube around the scene with Principlied Volume material.
It was important to use a bit of emission in this volume to give this sense of overcast sky, otherwise it would be very dark.


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(Daniel Aubert) #33

Thanks, Will!

(Daniel Aubert) #34

Thank you, Bohdan! Glad you like it!

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(JoeW) #35

In it’s defense, Blender is kind of average when it comes to CAD imports. There are very few (if any) packages that handle CAD imports very well. MAX is probably the best I’ve seen - and even it makes a mess of things depending on what the model was exported out of and with what settings.

I wish Blender would fix the FBX import … but that’s a subject for another thread …

(newbeing) #36

great work!

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(rombout) #37

GReat comment, super feedback!

About the normals and supporting edges. Thats kind of basic rules for box modeling. I dont use Cycles as renderer so i cant use auto smooth properly, it forces me to use proper edge support. Some times is really a a pain in the ass. But gives nice clean sharp edges and no weird normals. You notice this especially as glossy or reflective surfaces. It has weird shading as like something which is flat isnt flat in the reflection it has.

(Egan T Guenthers) #38

maybe i really should start to switch to blender 2.8 for my movie project… maybe i can do some render test too…

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(HelloHiHola) #39

Including the ink sketch was very classy and something I appreciated very much. This is a fabulously uncommon piece; personality, atmosphere, and skill. Thanks for sharing!

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(Daniel Aubert) #40

Thank you very much! Really glad you enjoyed the sketch :sweat_smile:

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