Hello blenderheads!

After seeing http://sadomski.com/portfolio/artworks/ (didn’t find the BA thread) great piece of artwork plus many many hours of Diablo 3 and Skyrim I decided to do something very generic.

I usually do scenes and this was actually the first proper character I’ve ever made
but I liked the outcome so I decided to post it here.
Please tell me what you think.

Modelled: Blender
Rendered: Cycles/Internal
Postpro: Photoshop
Human model: Makehuman

Download for full size.

nice… so skyrim… and somehow baldur’s gate is in my mind…

That’s really cool. How did you do the chainmail?

It is particle system. I used methor very much like this:

nice job, man!

Excellent work!

The posing seems off though… is he shrugging really hard?