Falling Away

I kinda finished this render early, my deadline was saturday. although it wasn’t what I originally had planned I think it turned out pretty good.

Thanks to Blendercookie for the tutorial on the hands.

Falling Away

please let me know what you think, i don’t mind a bit if your harsh.

I believe its a pretty good model, I would add some textures, bumps etc, and I highly advice using sintels skin material, its pretty neat, just be careful on scaling for the sss :wink:

yea i’m trying to focus on modelling, so unfortunatly texturing is really hard for me. any idea where i could get sintels skin material??

could we have a look at the wires?

Not bad… I agree for the textures and bump etc, to increase the realism.
A curiosity: why this title?

-Here the file with the material of Sintel-lite. The material use node, but is not complicated…

-and here a lot of base material (search “skin”)

@natholas here are some wires

@DavidDozza I actually tried doing some wrinkles and texturing, unfortunatily i just couldn’t get it to look right. The title goes with my original idea for this render. Unfortunatly i realized that i think i liked the look better with just a blackish background than my oringinal idea. (sorry if thats a bit hard to understand, i’m kinda typing fast)

thanks for the link to the materials, i havn’t actually used node based materials before. But i’m sure i can figure it out.

I think this is very good, but kind of sad.

I guess if your art produces an emotional response in its viewers you must be doing something right!

yes that was my main goal, i definitly strived to create an emotional effect (however i don’t think i accomplished it as well as i would have liked).

I think you can make the skin and hands a lot more detailed like add appropriate creases and such and veins and pores maybe even hairs, there is so much detail in one hand