falling chain 2

hello, am getting desperate… after watching lots of tutorials about, somehow this falling chain Thing doesnt work…
it keeps coming apart, and rings Keep dancing on the floor :no:
when I connect them it s like they fall slower and Keep hanging on a dotted line…
please have a look and help me find the Problem
tnaks in advance


chain2.blend (1.71 MB)

forgive my noobness but I just can t figure out what I am doing wrong… they are all meshes and followed all the other steps ( except rigid world…but I don t find that)

Here we go:
First joint them they are getting broken because they are single mesh separated, so joint them B for box select and shit + RMB to select the active and crtl+J.
Second in physic tab set the shape to Convex hull
Set The plane shape to Convex hull as well.

Go head play with the bounciness if you want.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

thanks, they all stay together now but it all acts like a stick falling down…and than rises up again
the good ns is that the pieces dont go partially though the plane anymore


chain2.blend (1.43 MB)

To help ensure that, make sure your plane has a little bit of thickness and is not just 2 dimensional.