falling chain

hello out there…
am trying to make animation of a chain falling on the ground… found tuts, but they all use the blender game engine…
I ve tried a couple of times but all the links come apart, like exploding a bit… where must I look to make them
stay connected???
thanks in advance…

For simple simulations try changing the rigid body collision shape to Mesh
Also try reducing the rigid body collision sensitivity margin and in the Rigid Body World settings
increase Solver Iterations to give more accurate simulation

Example blend attached

Also for more advanced simulation look at Rigid Body Constraints http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Ref/Release_Notes/2.66/Rigid_Body_Simulation#Rigid_Body_Constraints


chain.blend (205 KB)

thanks a lot, Maestro…
and thanks for your Patience with us the noobs

worked out fine… just small problem… it doesn t stop moving at the end… keeps endless moving and shaking…
has that to do with the passive surface?? or texture of it???