Falling Down

Just finished this, I was working on some techniques for buildings. Took about 20-30 min. to complete the whole thing. Tell me what ya think!


great work but something about that texture doesnt seem right,

Looks good. Made with the discombobulator, I assume?

Did you use something like Greeble for that? Or is it all modeled by you?

That’s really cool! Very nice colors and textures. I dunno if the textures on the roof are supposed to look the way they do, but I think it looks real cool this way. It adds something to the composition.

Would you mind sharing the Discobombulator settings with us? (I think you used that?) I never get great results like this with Discobombulator… :frowning:

I like the line in the middle, dunno why really, think it makes the composition a bit more interesting.

Looks like he used protrusions with really steep angles and then set the doodads to not be very high.

I can easily tell that it’s discombobulator or another greeble script, though it looks nice.

Looks great, but could do with a bit more detail.