Falling leaf

Who can help me with a .blend file of a falling leaf effect.
swing left… swing right…swing left… swing right…swing left… swing right… slowly going down and so on and so on.
Like to hear from one of you.


For a very realistic leaf falling you’ll probably need a leaf mesh with multiple shape keys and location and rotation IPO’s.

To make the positions for the shape keys use the proportional editing tool.

I’m currently rendering the leaf animation. It’s not 100% realistic movements but it does your “left, right, left, right” stuff :slight_smile:

I haven’t learned animating shape morphing with shape keys so that makes up the missing % :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll upload the file and post the link later, see if you like it.


Here’s my simple leaf animation (File Size: 304.1 KB):


Is that it?