falling paper effects question

can anyone give me ideas on how to make falling paper effects?

by the way where is the correct location to post questions?

This should probably go under the Animation forum.


Yeh, animation is probably the right forum for this.

At any rate, short of hand animating all the pages this is gonna be a little difficult.

You could try using a particle system. Then parent the pages to the system and turn on DupliVerts. The main issue with this approach is the lack of particle rotation so then the pages will always face one direction. You could of course use multiple particle systems and multiple pages, but it still looks a little dodgy.

Another option is Python provided that you know how to code. I’m sure it would be reasonably trivial to code something that looks reasonably like paper falling.

I’d use softbodies.

There is a cool article on this in BlenderArt magazine #3. It uses feathers, but kind of the same effect.

i realy dont have time to make stuffs in python i was looking for an easier but efficient way but thanks anyway i got made some sample out of softbodies but it seems i realy dont know how to get the paper look like the flapping and the rotation stuffs. ill try to look at the magazine do. thanks for the replies.

i was able to look at the feather falling effects it not that close but i think i can manage thanks. by the way the magazine is number 2 not 3. :slight_smile: thanks peeps.