falling partly through the floor

I have my game character set to rigid, but whenever I press the play button he always falls half way through the floor. I want his feet to stay on the floor and not go through it.

this is what is happening:


You have to set the bounds for your object

I recommend not using rigid body for characters, as you don’t want them falling over and so on. Also, if your character is armature controlled, I wouldn’t recommend making the armature dynamic- instead, add a box, scaled to surround your character, and make that the parent of the character. This box should be dynamic, and all movement and collisions will be dealt with by it.

Cute character. 11000 polygons for him is a bit much though… you might want to look at ways to reduce that.

Currently, you’re doing a few things that I might suggest you change:

For characters, you usually use “Dynamic” instead of rigid body. Your character will start rolling around if you use rigid body.

I can’t exactly tell which object is the rigid body object, but I’m assuming you’re doing that to your main mesh? If so, I’d suggest creating a box mesh around your character, make it invisible, make it dynamic, and set bounds to “box.” You’ll have to set your main character mesh to “no collision” as well. Using a basic object for your collisions makes them easier to manage.

@Sambassador, Rigid Body seems to work best for me.
To stop rigid bodies from rolling, go to “Advanced” which is by the Rigid Body buttons on your character and click the “Lock X/Y/Z Rotation” buttons.

Again, I agree with the others. Try this:

  1. Make a cylinder the SIZE of your character so one flat side of the cylinder is just under the feet and the other over the head.
  2. Parent your character to the cylinder.
  3. Move all the movement sensors/controllers/actuators to the cylinder.
  4. If you have animation, which you probably do, shift+click both the cylinder and the character (When you do this, the logic bricks of both objects should be visible in the same window) and connect the movement sensors/controllers to any actions you want the player model to do.
 For example:  Move forward:
Cylinder: Keyboard  Up sensor, Property InAir=False sensor, And controller, Movement actuator.
Player: IPO play actuator. 
Connect the Sensors to the Controller and the controller to both the movement actuator on the cylinder and the IPO Play actuator on the player.

  1. Set the Cylinder to rigid body and lock the rotation axis’s (If you don’t want your character to flop over).

The reason I use a cylinder is because boxes and collision problems unless coded properly that allow the player to edge him/herself through wall by rotating the cube till it falls through; and a sphere isn’t shaped like any carbon-based beings except for really fat cats (And humans).

thanks :slight_smile:

I made a cylinder around the character and made it invisible. Then I made the it them both dynamic characters and its working perfectly.

Sam: what do you mean it has 11000 polys? in the top corner it says I only have 1268 faces and 1200 verts