falling through the collision when turning against the wall.

I am working with Blue Label Studio on a game in the BGE.
The biggest issue is that when the character rotates in a corner or against the wall, it will fall through.
We tried to prevent that with raycasting around the player, but that doesn’t work.
so far I have no clue how to easily solve this issue…

EDIT: it is solved, the character rotated too fast because of how it was setup.

What shape is the player collider? Do you have it rotate around it’s center point? What means to turn the object are you using?

the collider is a cube, and the character rotates around a point just behind the player.
The rotation is because the logic is behind the player on an separate object(invisible).

Try using a round collider (sphere, cylinder, cone, capsule) and rotating around the center point.

I will see if that can work.