falling through

I’m trying to make a dungeon game. I made the entire dungeon but my character keeps falling through the floor. How to I stop that? I made two planes on top, the other on the bottom cause I can’t seem to make my character fall down so it’s more like rising through the ceiling. I don’t care if it rises or falls to the ground. I just want it to stop going through.

Make sure the character is set to no colision ,and it uses a colision cube that has also set ‘bounding box’.Make sure also that the ground is set to static.
Try not to use Loc for movement,instead use force.

And post your blend, or a small example of your problem.

Electric eels do shock you, so you know…

how do I do force and bounding box? I hope the attachment comes through. I know there .blend files but it’s giving me this hour thing. I can send it through email.