Falling to the dark

(alf0) #21

yes , i did modeled the drops


i really like the composition :grinning: , as thorst said i would go too with the deph of field and give the phone a emissive screen.
And maybe i would position the lights diffrent. a light from behind/ side to give a key light and maybe from the top corner , coloring them red/ orange and blue and depends on your hardware you can add a little bit fog. that would really push the atmosphere

(alf0) #23

thank you so much , it means alot coming from you
i really note that after its too late, i dont know why i didnt add an emissive screen to the phone, ?!!! i guess my mind wasnt on my head back thin :smile:

i really wanted to add an alarm red light , but i noteced that the more light i have on the scene the more time it takes to render it clean, even though i used the denoiser,
and i wanted to add a volumetric lighting , but that ended up my pc to lose graphics memory
so i ended up with this

(Benny_Flex) #24

Great render, It makes me think of ‘Die Hard’

(alf0) #25

die hard # which number of thim !!!

(Renzatic) #26

Going by the look, I’d say the first.

Oh, and there were only three Die Hards. :crossed arms:

(Benny_Flex) #27

The first one, when he is crawling with his lighter in the air vent.

(alf0) #28

oh yeah now i remeber ^-^
@Renzatic now i see , i thought they were 4

(Renzatic) #29

It’s a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

Officially there are 5 Die Hards, but only the first three are good in my opinion. I like to pretend the most recent two don’t exist.