Falling to Winter

Hi! Hoping you like it, this is my last blender scene :D! All is rendered in cycles with some post-processing in photoshop.
About 2500 samples for 6 hours rendering, FHD.
Please give me feedback, because i need to learn a lot and it’s only 1 year i’m seriusly using blender.:slight_smile:

Can’t really complain about anything, maybe give more bump and irregularity to the brick wall. But if this is your first year with Blender, there is definately potential in you!

No critiques from my side, everything here is spot on.
Maybe, a little bit better camera framing. It seems the composition escaped a bit to the right, if it was not intentional.
Otherwise atomic perfection…

Looks awesome!
I agree with Proud, add/increase the bump on the brick wall…
Also, I would try to add film emulation in Blender, could improve it even more