Well. That was a stupid idea.
So I’m back. Shouldve remembered the ignore list.
enjoy. :).

Edit - I wrote something here that I decided would be better as a PM.

No use to crit cuz the guy aint here…

I find it unlikely that anyone can go through life without running into a few people that just plain don’t like you. Although I could probably use some more practice in the art myself I generally prefer a kill’em with kindness approach. Sometimes they come around and realize that their ire towards you was a waste of time. If not at the very least others participating in the conversation can see that you’re not contributing to an uncomfortable situation.

I know that letting that type of stuff roll off your back is not always the easiest thing to do, but in the end you’ll be rewarded with good health and knowing that you didn’t do anything to spread hatred because it does spread, like a virus. Simply approaching hatred with kindness can stop that virus in its tracks, but fighting fire with fire only fuels the flames.

I don’t know who these people are that you speak of, but I can ascertain that they wanted you to leave this web-site. If you do leave then they will see that their unlikeable actions were successful and so they will likely use those tactics again elsewhere. It doesn’t really matter what other’s say about you, whatever the truth is will always remain the truth and nothing anyone can say or do will ever change that.

Edit: I haven’t actually been to the off-topic section of this site, but I will say this. If you’ve got something to say then by god you say it brother! I may not like what you have to say, but I will defend till death your right to say it!

Ok I’ll crit anyway…
the lighting looks a bit off, and the face can use some work…
also, the yellow light at the bottom of the pit/tunnel does’nt look right, maybe red work better…

The entire concept is ridiculously cliche’

So! Who PMed me back from the grave? :smiley:

pretty good model…
I’d like to hear what the rest of BA thinks.

On her? Same here. The threads there people so go on and critique. :smiley: