I want to make animation play when character is falling, but there’s no such sensor available. Is there some specific way to do it?

In one page I found it should be done with python script, but it didn’t seem trustworthy to me. So if anybody has an idea how to do it, please let me know.

“All i see are letters?”… i am… :confused:

You gotta do it with python. Use z linear velocity to check if it is high enough to be considered falling velocity.

you can use 2 collision sensors, with one of them inverted, so when its on ground(True,False) and falling(False,True)

upbge has a movement sensor that is nice for triggering animations when the agent is in idle
(falling, being pushed etc)

that said, I use a property that is a int and march it up based on jump events, and then use it to handle animations.

Could Nicholas_A or BluePrintRandom toss me the template script, so I could get started?


beware this is not simple to understand and I coded it a loooong time ago.