falloff mapping

Hey folks,
I was wondering if Blender has a “falloff map” feature -as described here <http://www.noirextreme.com/earth> for creating a “day and night” effect on a globe?
I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while now, so I thought that I’d post the question here.
By the way, they have some mighty nice images to download for the earth on that site.

Why in Animation?

No Blender doesn’t have a falloff map. But you can do the same thing with a blend texture used as a stencil between the day and night maps.

sorry Gabio, I just but it under animations as a reflex -since it is for an animation…

but GreyBeard, how would i use this stencil and blend? I’m not sure exatly how to use the information you gave me…I’m kind of slow at this, so steps would be really helpful

Step by step.

  1. add daytime texture in channel 1 of the earth
  2. add nighttime texture in channel 3 of the earth
  3. create a blend texture in channel 2 – half transparent half black and press the stencil button
  4. add an empty at the center of your earth and have the empty track your sun.
  5. set the blend texture’s map-to to “object” and type in the name of the empty. Adjust the empty’s tracking so that the transparent part of the blend always faces the sun.


Blend – have to supply your own earth textures:


Yeah someone did a really cool earth with nightside lights and clouds a few months ago. Do a search for earth threads.

thanks a lot!