Falloff: proportional editing when there's no geometry where you need it?

Is there a way to make proportional editing EDIT: FALLOFF ENDEDIT begin at the transform origin rather than being geometry dependent? EG, from the 3d cursor?

Err, it does begin at the transform origin, i.e. at your pivot point.

My bad: I left off a KEY word in the op (which I’ll add), but here’s the situation:

I’ve got a “cup” with the 3dcursor at the rim of the cup, but centered in empty space. I want to affect all the points in the cup, but in a proportional manner, to TWIST the cup body, with the rim. To do this it would seem that Rotate+proportional editing would be the ticket.

I placed the 3dc, and then realized that ROTATE will not engage unless at least one element is Selected, so I figured the falloff was centered on the transform pivot (the 3dc) so I just selected a face on the rim. Rotation then revealed that the falloff is actually a spherical volume around individual selected items:

For this simple, symmetrical item, the solution is simple (ie select the topmost loop of points) but I imagine there are other situations where a modeler might want falloff to start somewhere a mesh doesn’t have any geometry. Which is probably like 99% of most tasks.

In those rare situations where there isn’t geometry where one wants falloff to begin, does one:

  1. add a free-floating point?
  2. Use a deformation matrix instead?

BTW, here’s a blend file:
FALLOFF.blend (3.8 MB)

Ah, yes, you’re correct. In this case, the options I’m aware of would be:

  • place a vertex at the 3D cursor, solely for the purpose of selecting it :slight_smile:, perform the transform and delete that vertex
  • use a Lattice modifier
  • use a Simple Deform modifier with the Twist option