fallout new vegas ???

anybody of the fallout 3 crew tried it out?

it looks pretty much like FO3 (same engine) just a different
story line and some enhancements.

is it worth it?


While I usually don’t play games like that due to them usually being rated M I can say that just because another games uses the same engine as an earlier one doesn’t mean it’s automatically bad (considering if the new game has upgraded gameplay or the engine was updated for it).

If you want an example of a game company looking at using the exact same engine for a good chunk of games, look no further than EA and Unity.

EA will be using Unity’s platform across multiple franchises, and all of EA’s developers will have access to the “entire range of Unity products from web and mobile to consoles and beyond”.

well,i played it a bit, and from the looks of it, characters seem more real, quests are more interesting, it kinda feels more like old fallouts than 3 did.

Fallout 3 might not have all the bells and whistles but I very much enjoyed exploring the stories.
I read that Fallout New Vegas tops the story part more which makes it a good continuation of FO 3.

There is a lot of negative comments about F NV but well those are opinions.

I think New Vegas originates from the fallout 2 story. As I recall, you stop off there, and your vehicle gets stolen, and you have to go through a little quest to get it back from the chop shop. No problem, of course, if you stopped off at the secret Nevaro base beforehand, to filtch the power armor.

it is worth it,so just be patient.

It’s twice as good as FO3. So much more stuff you can do. And if you liked the vibe of FO3 you’ll love FNV.
I might be a little biased.

I have been playing it for 6 hours, and what can I say. It’s basically the same game. They just added a few minor stuff and there is a new map and a bunch of new quests.

After about 3 hours playing it I got so bored that I started to cheat. Fallout 3 kept me entertained because it was new, but new vegas is so much like fallout 3 it’s rediculous. It feels like you are playing the same game.

The enviroments looks the same, the houses looks the same, the people look the same and talk generally about the same stuff.

“Some zombie rats killed my cattle last year”.
“We have been trying to fight them off but we can’t”
“I have been waiting for a delivery but it hasn’t arrived”

It’s the same old stuff all over again just the houses and towns are placed differently and the “story” is different. Every NPC you talk to either:

Ask you to go and talk to someone
Ask you to go kill someone
Ask you to go find an item on the other side of the map

The quests are repetetive since it’s either a item you have to find or it’s someone you have to kill. Like for example at one point you have to make some of the zombies leave the old factory so the towns people can get junk from the place.

In order to get the zombies to leave you have to kill the “demons in he basement”. In order to kill or get rid of the demons in the basement you need to talk to it’s leader.

The leader of the demons wants you to get rid of a sniper zombie even deeper in the basement. When you go to the sniper zombie he wants you to go even deeper and see if his girlfriend survived…

You go deeper but the girlfriend is dead. You go back to the zombie sniper that leaves the basement. On your way up one of the demons attacks you anyway. And you need to kill them and their boss.

Now you go back up and now the zombies can move back into their basement. Now they want to use rockets??? To fire themself out in outer space…so you need to find two items for their rockets. You need to travel over the entire map almost to a small shop to get the items.

Or the item…because you can’t get them both at the same time you get the first one then you have to go back and then go out again and get the other one. To do this long fucking quest you will have to waste 2 maybe 3 hours depending on if you want to use cheats to survive…

I can’t say I’m enjoying this game, it’s the same fallout 3 all over again. Just a lot more pain in the ass!!! If you find it to be fun to play MMORPG’s in single player mode then go ahead, because that is exactly what Fallour new vegas is.

A single player mmorpg…it would be a awesome multiplayer game. But the quests aren’t interesting enoug for me to keep playing it. I can’t recommed it.

PAIN 5/5

That actually sounds like an awesome quest.

I mean, zombies flying a rocket into space?

Yea the zombies were religious, the zombie cult leader talked about the beyond, where they would be free from humans and pain or something. Only religion can make zombies fire themself out in space with rockets :stuck_out_tongue:

Fallout Nev Vegas and Fallout 3 are great games…i got FO3 and later New Vegas on the pc,so i started making mods,and here started my blender carreer!!I started making meshes,expecially weapons,but when i saw my"hidden modelling,texturing(not yet animator)skills"I decided to stop working on Fallout 3 and developing my own game…but starting from 0 is much more difficult!!(sorry for my bad english)!!

I got New Vegas, and its better then I expected actually, I do like Fallout 3 more though. I think the storyline and quests where really awesome in Fallout 3. Ofcourse Ive only done a small amount of quests so far so lets hope there are a few nice quests for me to discover :d

I suppose if you like FO3 than you’ll like NV. Its a new story, but familiar gameplay with some added features:

  • ammo types (hollow point, armor piercing)
  • ammo crafting
  • new survival skill, lets you craft a range of bush-type potions and cook meats

I haven’t gotten that far into it (15 minutes maybe), but if you want to immerse yourself into a game, which it sounds like you do, than it should be fine.

My brother has complained about it freezing on him a couple times, so it looks like they even kept the bugs ^^