Fallout T-45d Power Armor Helmet


Tried something different this time. It’s T-45d Power armor’s helmet from the game Fallout 3.
The basic shape is about done. Next I add the additional details and start texturing this thing. Maybe some very weathered and rusty textures should work well with this.

EDIT. Added the tubes and some simple textures.


This looks like a solid start. Nice modelling. I don’t know this game and therefore I must ask if this is going to be rubber or metal?

Thank you. It’s made from cast steel so I try to get more roughed look for it.

More details.


Fallout 3!!! Yeah baby, YEAH!!! I’ma huge fan. Really looking forward to seeing you complete it. Nice job on the helmet so far.

Thanks! Yeah, Fallout FTW!

Playing with Spec and normal maps. Nice little texturing practice…In which I still suck but it’s getting better!


way better than me im horrible, im trying to model a halo spartan helmet and i just dont now where to start.

That looks outstanding! Right now the symmetry is fine, but you will want to watch out for that. If the mask is too symmetrical or asymmetrical, you will change the mood of it.

can you share how you did the glass for the lamps on his head? they look fantastic.

Thanks everyone!

Sure! Just google some normal map for headlight or do it yourself with Photoshop or Gimp.
Nodes setup:

And I experimented a bit more with textures:

The dirt layer is cool.

I’m not sure, but I’d eventually try more gloss for the metal texture. As it is now it has a very, very worn out look. Perhaps that is what you are going for. But in any case I would think that the edges would be glossy.

You could use dirty vertex colors with this. That could work nice.

Sweet. That glass head light is really fantastic. If you look here, http://i.imgur.com/5L00LDN.jpg and here, http://i.imgur.com/0Ylg6vE.jpg the helmet texture is a grey-ish blue, and a bit reflective with some roughness. Try experimenting with something like that. It’s weathered but not rusted. Just throwing out my thoughts, hope they help.

Can’t go wrong with Fallout themed projects. Like it.

Nice. Adding some military grafitti and decor on the helmet would add to the verisimilitude, I think. Maybe a scorch mark and an impact dent or two, if you want a more veteran look.

That bracket in the back looks familiar - did you do an Pepakura build on Instrucables with this design?

Looks great, btw