Fallow lands

Been working on this on and off for a week or two now. Was mainly an experiment in UVmapping and lighting. Inspired by some old medieval ruins a few miles out in the middle of a fallow field and a sketch, ironically the sky was originally a photo taken just next to said ruins. Also partly inspired by the splash screen winner Piro, I encorperated a low camera lens and added mist in GIMP, similar to his.
Post in GIMP, mainly on the sky, but a bit of burning and level tweaking for the overall image too.

The upper half of this image is great. The ground doesn’t look as good as the rest though.


I dunno, I think the ground looks good. It doesn’t look realistic, but I think it looks good. It’s a good job if you weren’t going for a realistic effect.

thanks:) no it was meant to be toony, Warcraft style I suppose.

I think the grass looks a bit too thick. But the overall look of the image is great, I really like the sky.

Yes the sky is good, maybe the contrast of the ground is making the sky look better?