Falqo (Car)

Falqo, that’s what I decided to call this car I designed and build with Blender 2.34. I realy like the result a lot, problebly becouse I didn’t expected me to create such a model with the knowlidge I had :D. Please post critics to help me “finish this sucker up” :D.
As said, C&C (as you guys call it here :P) very welcome:D.

Why is there no shadow?

I dont see any picture.

You need shadows. And do somethings about the material on those rims!

Nice modelling, I like it. very smooth and curvy. looks powerful (although a rooftop air-intake seems a bit silly… economical A/C? ;))
yeah it DEFINITELY needs shadows, though.

Thnx for the replys guys,
Yeah I know about the shadows, I forgot that button in renderwindow… :frowning:
The render took about 3 hours so when I waw there was no shadow, I just let it go and posted it here. About the rims, I excidentally duplicated a lamp… That’s why they look over-exposes. I’ll make anather render soon. About the rooftop air-thing, I think I’ll keep it there, I kinda like it :D.

Nice modeling- it seems to me that theres too much light in the whole scene- it makes it looks a bit plastic-y, and maybe have a textures on the tyres?

Looking at the ground just behind the front of the car, the surface appears to be reflecting a lot of light - concrete is pretty matte, tarmac is slightly reflective but much rougher. You might want to turn down the specular highlights a bit to compensate.

Thnx for the ideas but I have rendered some images now and I am not planned to use this garage anymore.

Here are the images I have rendered. As always, C&C very welcome.
The thumbnails don’t seem to work but click on them to see the larger version.