False colors

I’ve been asked to make some images with ‘false’ colors from gradient. What is false colors and how do I make them?

e.g. thermal cameras (showing the infra-red picture of somthing/someone.) false colors, because the forms/shapes are common, but the colors are others than we’re used to. this could be anything: IR, UV, gamma-pictures, even roentgen… sorry, Xray is false color (are your bones really blueish/white??). in many cases this can be easily faked by simply replacing the original colors in the image with - guess what - other, false colors. if you use photoshop, color gradient is your best friend here (applied to a layer).

btw, what exactly should you do?

I’m just making animated sequences for a 2d game engine ( infinity- BG2 ) They are in a custom pallete (clown colors) ,but as long as I follow the color convetions of the pallete I figure all is well. Wierd…