False good idea

Hey, guys. There’s my latest render. I modelled him in ZBrush and rendered in Cycles. Hope you enjoy it!

I Used this sketch from Mike “Zantrasis” Henry as reference:

Zbrush for modelling and retopo the bust, create and paint textures.
Blender for modelling the rest of scene and adjust the character topology, create strands, rendering and composit with color management.
Some retouch in colors and filters on Photoshop.

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Where is his hair ? No it’s joke, nice your character :slight_smile:

Thanks, Slider! The character do not have hair… You can check it on the concept. :slight_smile:

Really good quality work, nice job. I like the skin shader alot for some reason.

Thank you so much, ThatRandomBlend! I focused on the skin shader and i’m really happy you had liked it! :slight_smile:

Very interesting idea. And a calming composition and color combo at that too. :slight_smile:

  • Reyn

I would call this image “False good idea”. Nice work, and great shaders !

Awesome render! My only critic would be that the shards of the bulb look like they’re made of chrome, and the title of the thread is very misleading! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much, @Reyn!

It’s a really better title. How can I rename the post name? Thank you, @Roubal! :smiley:

@Arimit, thanks, bro! Maybe this impression is caused by the background, that is blur and the shards are not. There’s the original render without blurred background and any correction.

And about the title, i hadn’t thought about this way of “crack” hahaha

Nice work, I like his expression

Thank you, @ATGWoodDesign!

Nice render. I like the mix of realisitic and cartoony. The eyelashes are a little distracting to me though.

To change the thread title edit your original post and click “go advanced” then you should be able to change the thread title.

Thank you, Daniel! I would fix the eyelashes, but the render time is too tiring. BTW, good observation, thanks! :slight_smile:

Where did you get the head skin textures?

I made the texture in ZBrush, with polypaint. The pores I made with noisemaker and smooth brush. All of this is sculpt and polypaint.