"Falu" my Blender Beasts Competition entry

Hello, everyone! I spent quite a bit of time working on this project (most of November, actually). This was rendered on Garage Farm, and it’s my entry for their new Blender Beasts competition. The name for this project, Falu, is the name of a deep red color, which was very strongly used here.

Anyway, here’s the final result (Scaled down from 1920 x 2628):

And here’s a confusing wireframe render:

Awesome! How did you manage to make the scales on it’s body?

Thank you! I began by making a single scale and duplicating it about seven times in a zig-zag shape (in edit mode). Afterwards, I duplicated it about 200 times with an Array modifier. I made them wrap around the cylindrical body using a curve modifier and a shrinkwrap modifier. However, on the head and on the tail, I had to duplicate the scales manually.

Also, just as an FYI, here’s the pointlessly big node tree of the material I used for the whole snake (except for the eyes):

Very scary looking! Great work!

Hello, how much credits does this cost to render in Garage Farm?

it is awesome, nice work

It took about $0,56 (USD).

Not sure which one is scarier, the snake itself or the node setup.

Material on snake looks just amazing, lighting setup is top notch, and there’s nothing wrong on the model either. Maybe the top of the head looks somewhat more hard surfaced than organic.
The scales on the skin to me are perhaps bit too uniform and repetitive, but that’s nitpicking.
Anyway I love the render! Awesome work man.